NakedSword Unveils Season Finale of 'A Wicked Game'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — Today the saga ends with NakedSword Original's fourth episode and season finale of the hardcore thriller, "A Wicked Game."

In recent episodes the clues have been adding up to imply that the perfect marriage between Ryan and Duncan wasn't so perfect after all and there are many questions surrounding the murder of Duncan Black.

In last week's episode viewers were introduced to James Hamilton and got a look into the world of this dark and twisted character which includes slaves, voyeurism and BDSM. Last saw James spying on his neighbors having sex. In the finale now playing exclusively on he goes way further than just watching.

As Duncan and Ryan are at their vacation home asleep in bed holding each other in the middle of the night, they suddenly awake to find themselves tied up on the floor with psycho Hamilton standing over them.

James tells Duncan that he's going to fuck his husband Ryan while he watches.

"It's a voyeuristic cuckoldry home invasion fantasy," the studio said.

A major plot twist is unveiled after the sex. Will justice be served? Will detective Jarec Wentworth see through the whole charade?

Tim Valenti, NakedSword president and executive producer of the film, remarked, "I'm really happy about the way our original productions are progressing three years into producing original content consistently. 'A Wicked Game' is a perfect example of that as is our recent BelAmi co-production 'Dirty Rascals.' We have an amazing new slate of features lined up for the rest of the year that will continue to excite and stimulate in more ways than one!"

NakedSword Director mr. Pam says of the finale and movie "A Wicked Game," "This movie just came together perfectly. Executive producer Tim Valenti had the idea of shooting in Florida, on a boat and making pretty boy Ryan Rose a psycho killer.

"He wanted the movie loosely based on the 1989 movie 'Dead Calm.' So a hint of CSI, a sprinkle of 'Dead Calm' combined with Leo Forte's twisted, sadistic imagination — and there you have this brilliant script for 'A Wicked Game.'"

She goes on to say of the finale, "Once the cameras started rolling, the scene was so hot. James Hamilton really took the role of 'psycho killer' seriously to the point where his acting was so real, I wanted to keep all sharp objects away from him!  Ryan Rose loved this scene. He loved that he got to express a different, more twisted and kinky side of his sexuality. He's an amazing performer, puts on a stunning sex show, loves to fuck and fortunately for us, loved getting tied up and fucked while on top of Duncan. He was amazing."