Revamped X2 Orgasmatron Now Available

Ariana Rodriguez

DENVER — Orgasmatronics has revamped its flagship product, the Orgasmatron handheld device, with the release of the X2 Orgasmatron.

According to the company, the X2 Orgasmatron is more ergonomic and stylish as well. The original version was first introduced in 2012.

Developed by a former quantum physicist who is known by his pseudonym Dr. X. Treme,” the X2 uses the concepts of “mechanical impedance” in analog to “electrical impedance," the company says.

“Dr. X. Treme was able to capture the explosive intensity of a traditional sex machine and harness it in a device small enough to hold in your hand or carry in your purse,” according to the company, adding that the most significant improvement to the device is its handling.

“The gyration or vibration is minimized in the hand and strong where it counts,” the company said. “The attachments hold steadily in position. The position of the pink silicone boot and cord allow for more precision control, and the speed dial is always within easy reach. Plus, the cord is a manageable length and easier to pack in a purse for a night out.”

The X2 Orgasmatron retails for $199.