The Daily Beast Gives Kudos to Porn's Tech Pioneers

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — It may not be news to the adult industry, but The Daily Beast is giving props to porn for pioneering the technological advancements being used by mainstream today.

Claiming that today's news industry can learn a lot from porn, the article noted that adult is becoming progressively easier to find on tech devices than everyday content by virtue of its creators needing to find alternative methods of distribution.

"'The innovations happen because porn is an ecosystem in which participants are willing — indeed forced — to experiment,’” Bruce Arnold, principal of Caslon Analytics, a research and analysis firm said in an interview with Network World. 'And [it’s] where experimentation isn’t hobbled by common sense, good taste, or bureaucracy,'” the Beast reported.

The article further points out contributions by early payment processors like Electronic Card Systems, used by websites such as ClubLove, the publisher of the Pamela Anderson sex tape, and web pioneers like Danni’s Hard Drive that streamed videos to consumers directly in the browser without any plug ins.

Because adult adapts so quickly to technological developments, mainstream companies also often look to porn for user’s habits, according to the report.

When Apple’s iPad was announced in 2010, then Private Media Group CEO Ilan Bunimovtz announced it would be releasing a porn app the very same day, The Beast said.

The article also drew an analogy to how porn adapted to the downturn in print publications — the stronghold of porn for decades — by being an early adopter of the Internet, something the mainstream news industry is mirroring today.