Jesse Jane Talks 'Alpha Female', Deal With Jules Jordan

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — One of the few adult film stars that needs no introduction is about to receive a special one upon her return.

Jesse, the performer formerly known as Jesse Jane, told XBIZ that her first movie for Jules Jordan Video features her back in her element — as the boss.

“Jules had a lot of creative ideas about how he wanted to introduce me as his new girl and when he and I talked we decided I need to come out as a Dom — like a boss bitch,” Jesse said. “I’m back and I’m taking names.”

The new Jesse will be showcased for the first time on video next month in the anticipated release “Jesse: Alpha Female.” The movie features the first new sex scenes from the superstar performer in more than two years. It also marks the beginning of Jesse’s two-year, exclusive deal with Jules Jordan Video, where she’ll collaborate on eight movies per year, a new official website at, and other projects with Jordan.

Jesse said it’s an intriguing partnership that’s been a long time coming.

“Jules and I have been friends for a while but we’ve never worked together,” said Jesse, who had been under contract with another studio since debuting in 2002. “We’ve always said it’d be awesome to shoot together and that we could do some amazing, badass things together. So we started talking and planning it and when my contract was up we said let’s do it. Let’s come out with a bang.

“With his name and my name, we feel like we’re going to do something really great together.”

So far that plan is on track according to Jesse, who at press time was preparing to shoot the final scene of “Alpha Female” with Manuel Ferrara at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles.

Each of the scenes so far has entailed Jesse dressed in stylish fetish gear and wielding various toys as she dominates her co-stars before the hardcore unfolds. Jesse said one scene involves her brandishing a horsewhip with Chad White.

“I ride him around and tease him a little bit and then he fucked me really hard,” she said.

In another scene, Jesse pairs off with fellow blonde stunner Samantha Saint, whom she ties onto a pole outside and then locks her to a bedpost with cuffs.

“I smacked her around a little and then dragged her upstairs by a leash, blindfolded her, poured hot candle wax on her and took advantage of her,” Jesse said. “I was so excited because I had never worked with her before. She’s gorgeous and I could not wait to have sex with her.”

In another scene, Jesse has her way with Jordan himself before they bang for the first time in their careers.

“It’s really hot. I got to do some fun stuff and play with some fun toys. It looks great so far,” Jesse said. “We’re just trying to show something different. I am who I am and like sex the way I like it. I’ve never faked it.”

As she has done throughout her career, Jesse handpicked her scene partners for “Alpha Female.”

“I love to pick my talent, I don’t like to fake it on film,” Jesse said. “I’m really into my films. You never see me look at a camera ever. I’ve never cared where it is. I just want to fuck and have a good time fucking.”

In addition to the rollout of “Alpha Female” in March, Jesse said the soft launch of is also on the schedule. Jordan said when he announced the deal last month that finally working with the popular star on an exclusive basis “is a game changer.”

“I’m extremely honored to be able to work with such a legend in the adult film industry,” Jordan said. “I believe our collaborations will give fans a unique and new showcase for her beauty and sexual ferocity.”

He added, “Expect to see Jesse in more action and tease, with less script.”

Jesse said her chemistry with Jordan makes her feel like she did when she first started her career.

“I just love it, it’s a great relationship,” she said. “I feel more free like I can do what I want. I’m excited to shoot again like back in the beginning. I’m excited about work.”

In addition to the new projects with Jordan, this year Jesse said she’ll also begin writing her book as well as feature dancing and making appearances. She continues to make her permanent home in Oklahoma, traveling to L.A. for shoots.

“I like to live in Oklahoma. It’s a change of pace and it keeps me grounded,” Jesse said.