Taylor Chandler Appears on the ‘Rev. Bob Levy Show’

NEW YORK — Taylor Lianne Chandler shows her lighter side in an interview on comedian Rev. Bob Levy’s podcast, where the former lover of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, and intersex star of Vivid’s “Going for the Gold,” appeared on the show.

“I always feel like I am with friends when I chat with Bob Levy, Joe Conte, and John Kensil,” says Chandler. “When I listened to the show and heard the joke ‘Three fluffers drowned in the making of ‘Going for the Gold,’’ I almost peed myself laughing!”

“I am privileged to call these three guys friends,” Chandler adds. “Bob sent me a text later, telling me I’m almost number one, beating out comedian Colin Quinn! I love them for promoting my film and books.”

To listen to Taylor Chandler’s interview on Levy’s podcast, visit RevBobLevy.com.

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