Big Teaze Toys Products Used for Speech Therapy, More

Ariana Rodriguez

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Big Teaze Toys’ I Rub My Duckie and other products are being used for speech therapy and sensory awareness of children with autism and other similar neurological conditions.

According to the company, the friendly design and vibrations of I Rub My Duckie has helped autistic children to maintain focus and motor control during their therapy.

Such aids can help increase the child’s attention span and the ability to learn with better retention.

“Since 2006, Big Teaze Toys has been selling to therapeutic distribution company’s that offer a wide variety of items dedicated to a variety of ages and disabilities to ‘achieve more while having fun,’” the company said. “Our products are categorized as proprioception and massage aids, which assist in overall sensory awareness by touch and feel in a friendly and playful way.

“Big Teaze Toys is proud to have products that can assist and help others with a smile and more,” the company said.