The Semenette Launches Indiegogo Campaign

BOSTON — Berman Innovations, creator of The Semenette, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to be used to develop and manufacture Version 2 of its products.

“Our flagship Semenette has been very successful,” CEO Stephanie Berman said. “As innovators seeking to improve couples’ sex lives, we are always striving to provide our customers with consistent improvements and options to meet their needs. The desires of our customers are always evolving, and we aim to evolve our toys with them.”

Perks for the campaign include SpareParts HardWear harnesses, JoyBoxx storage systems, and Uberlube personal moisturizers, as well as Semenette swag packs, an Original Semenette, and pre-sale access to a Semenette V2.

In addition, premium perks include:“A Night of Sex Education,” an all-expense-paid overnight trip to Rhode Island, including dinner with Berman and sex educator Megan Andelloux, “Loving Ladies in Lingerie,” an all-expense-paid overnight trip to Las Vegas, including a pass to the International Lingerie Show, and a Semenette V2.

The campaign runs from Feb. 18 to March 30.