Icon Male Releases 'His Son's Best Friend'

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Gay romance studio Icon Male has released its latest feature film,“His Son’s Best Friend.”

The Nica Noelle-directed movie stars Adam Russo as a father conflicted by his desires — torn between protecting his son and his urges for his son’s rebellious best friend.

The film also stars Colton Grey, Nick Capra, Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt.

Noelle also penned the movie. She said, “I was really fascinated by the idea of putting Colton Gray with Adam Russo, because they have such different energies, so I thought the combination would be very compelling.

"Adam is this elegant, distinguished guy who at the same time is very open, warm and fatherly. Meanwhile, Colton is the classic, brooding, sexy young man. With Colton you sense there's a wall there, something you can't quite get through. Yet he exudes a smoldering sexuality, like it's always lurking right below the surface. And obviously, his eyes are incredible. I don't think I've ever seen eyes like that in porn or anywhere else. He's just stunning. Their chemistry made this film come to life.”

To see the movie’s NSFW trailer visit IconMale.com.

For Icon Male sales and distribution, email michael@mile-high-media.com.