xSync Enables Adult Toy / Video Synchronization

HOUSTON — xSync Technologies has announced that it is set to launch a crowdfunding project for its innovative adult toy and video synchronization web service on Indiegogo.com.

xSync is a web service designed for adults that synchronizes vibrators to adult and sensual videos online. The service is compatible with all LELO SenseMotion Insignia Wireless Remote compatible vibrators to provide adults with a completely new spontaneous and pleasurable experience.

According to the company, its mission is to connect users with the sex-positive adult and sensual content they enjoy. xSync neither hosts nor produces its own content, instead, it is powered by an internationally patent-pending technology that allows it to synchronize with preexisting videos shown on third party sites.

“My vibrator and porn synchronized seamlessly! I wasn’t just watching a video, I was part of the action,” states SF, an early adopter of the technology. “It made the scenes I already like that much better, and for the first time I found myself engrossed in scenes I would normally fast forward through!”

Its first USB wireless remote, xO, connects compatible LELO vibrators to xSync’s web service and is able to control multiple nearby LELO vibrators at the same time. With xO and an xSync subscription, users can experience sex-positive adult videos on their favorite websites coming to life through their vibrators.

“Not only does xSync make adult content interactive,” says xSync CEO Alan. “It enhances the porn-watching experience by giving us that sense of spontaneous physical touch we love in organic sexual encounters.”

“The world’s largest adult sites are visited by 21 million women every single day and almost half of the couples in the U.S. enjoy watching porn together,” Alan adds. “We’ve combined two things you already love to create a truly immersive experience that you can enjoy solo, with your partner, or with a group.”

xSync’s growing library of compatible videos features sex-positive female- and LGBT-friendly content. Subscribers will be able to vote for sex-positive videos they enjoy from compatible websites to be added to the library, giving users the ability to directly influence the content they experience. The company will offer a wide selection of videos that are hosted on free sites, while others will require a membership or payment to be accessed.

xSync also has plans to expand support for other massagers over time to let its users choose from a variety of high quality, next generation vibrators to use with its service.

For more information, visit xSync.com.