Magic Gel Attends L.A. Sexual Health Expo

LOS ANGELES — Magic Gel introduced body-to-body Nuru massage to attendees of the Sexual Health Expo, which was held Jan. 17-18.

According the company, it received an overwhelming response from SHE attendees and participating sexperts.

“Most of the customers were excited to learn how this ancient Japanese practice was reinvented by a husband and wife to create an American-manufactured product,” Magic Gel co-founder Orit Benzaquen said. “We believe Nuru massage to be the latest bedroom trend, and the buzz about Magic Gel is sparking greater interest just like Fifty Shades did for bondage. At SHE, the regular folks were as much excited as the sex educators who reinforced and praised us for our unique and creative product for couples.”

Magic Gel was recently highlighted as part of a article about SHE. In her report, journalist Nicole Theodore refers to Magic Gel as “a mesmerizing massage goo” that she admittedly “couldn’t stop playing with.”

According to Benzaquen, “We have opened up the eyes of other manufacturers to the Nuru trend that Magic Gel has created. Every time that we’ve exhibited at trade shows, we hear of a new Nuru massage gel in development or the millionth proposal to manufacture our product for us. Imitation is often considered the sincerest form of flattery — and it’s exciting to see how far we’ve come since our first show in 2011.”

Following the company’s participation at SHE, Magic Gel thanked its supporters.

“Thank you Dennis Paradise for your words of encouragement at our very first show in Burbank,” Benzaquen said. “He came by, saw the product shook my hand and said, ‘keep going guys; you are onto something great.’ At that time no one was paying attention to us, and that comment kept us going so — thank you Dennis.”

Benzaquen continued, ‘Then Susana Molina from Holiday Products came along and showed interest in representing Magic Gel, formerly known as NUMA. Thanks to her, I met Moe Levy — an amazing man, who, after our first ILS show with Holiday, offered to buy my business. Thank you Moe Levy for sharing the vision

“And last but not least, thank you Frank Koretsky who also fell in love with the concept on our first XBIZ Retreat and wanted the exclusive even though our customer base was so little for an industry giant like ECN.”

Made for erotic Japanese nuru massage, Magic Gel features a 98 percent natural formula featuring moisturizing nori seaweed, aloe vera, chamomile, and grapeseed extracts. It is a transparent, tasteless and slippery, and designed for a wet, steamy body-to-body nuru massage.

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