Australian Sex Party's Fiona Patten to Make Inaugural Speech

Bob Johnson

VICTORIA, Australia — Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten will be making her inaugural speech in the Legislative Council of Victoria on Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m. AEDT.

Patten and the Party last December became a recognized political force in Australia, winning a huge victory in Victorian state elections by gaining two Parliament upper house seats.

Now as a member of Parliament, Patten is in a position to further her Party’s platform that supports individual freedoms, separation of church and state, legal marijuana, voluntary euthanasia, and the adult industry in Australia and around the world.

Patten will also be on a couple of influential parliamentary committees.

The political firebrand recently told XBIZ that Australians are becoming sick and tired of the two major political parties and no longer relates to them like they did. “Younger voters especially are looking for someone who speaks for them. We are a small party that does not have a huge budget so we used social media extensively and that enabled us to get a wide range of nuanced messages out there.”

Patten hopes the election victory will encourage people around the world to form political parties based on personal freedom and other concepts that have been cemented in adult industry politics.

Patten’s speech no doubt will touch upon her most pressing hot button issues including voluntary euthanasia and drug law reform. “If I can get marijuana legalized and dying with dignity in the next four years I will be very, very satisfied.” Patten also wants the legalization of hardcore films and anti-discrimination laws for people in the adult industry.

The speech can be watched online live through the Victorian Parliament website.