NakedSword Debuts 1st Episode of 'A Wicked Game'

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals recently debuted the first episode of its controversial new feature, the hardcore erotic thriller “A Wicked Game.”

“A Wicked Game” was filmed by NakedSword director mr. Pam, conceptualized by executive producer Tim Valenti and written by Leo Forte. The movie stars Falcon exclusive Ryan Rose, exclusive Jarec Wentworth, along with then-CockyBoy exclusive Duncan Black, Rikk York, James Hamilton, Ty Royal and Valentine Petrov.

The plot is twisted and wrought with mystery: Playing newlyweds, Ryan Rose and Duncan Black are lost in a sea of romance while honeymooning in Florida, but danger knocks at their door. A beautiful day on the boat making love at sea ends in tragedy when the young lovers fall victim to a home invasion. Bound, gagged and at the mercy of a sadistic stranger, they are forced to fulfill his twisted sexual fantasies. Will the love they have for each other see them through this nightmare or will it be their fatal undoing? 

Jarec Wentworth plays a detective tasked at finding out what happened on the boat that fateful day. But before he gets sucked into the investigation he is seen driving around Ft. Lauderdale before stopping by his favorite spa/bathhouse to get sucked into something else. 

He sees spa attendant Rikk York and immediately goes after him, pushing him to his knees in a brutal d/s scene. After Wentworth is done, he gets a call saying he is needed on the scene of a homicide. He arrives to find a distraught Ryan Rose with a dead body in his living room... 

"I am in love with this movie! I've never shot anything like this before," director mr. Pam said. "It was one of those shoots where everything came together precisely as I wanted it to. In addition to an amazing plot and script, we filmed four very hot and diverse sex scenes each opposite from one another from the setting, mood and physicality.”

“This movie will get everyone engaged and keep them talking, on top of offering up something for everyone in the sex department. I'm very proud of this movie, it has it all and it's like nothing you've seen from NakedSword Originals before."

Check out "Pool Boy Perpetrator” the first installment of A Wicked Game,” now playing exclusively on NakedSword