Mona Wales Directs ‘The Sadist is Present’ for

OAKLAND, Calif. — Mona Wales presents her directorial debut in a scene for extreme girl/girl BDSM paysite

The experienced fetish / kink performer, known for her creative approach to topping, lends her storytelling in “The Sadist is Present,” for TopGrl, part of renowned BDSM producer Intersec Interactive, Inc.’s network of sites.

“I’m thrilled to have worked with Intersec,” says Wales. “They are the pioneers of BDSM porn; Intersec is fearless when it comes to pushing physical and mental boundaries. Everyone who has worked for the company is highly skilled, from the graphic design department to the creative team building each torture device. I’m pleased to present ‘The Sadist is Present’ through the network’s TopGrl site, and hope our fans will be stimulated and aroused by its viewing.”

“The Sadist is Present” is a TopGrl feature scene, combining performance art and BDSM pornography, inspired by the work of Marina Abramovic, known the world over as the grandmother of performance art.

“Performance art and BDSM pornography have a lot in common,” says Wales. “They both often deal with nudity and masochism, and they both become unbearable when taken too seriously by the viewer.”

“I knew I wanted to shoot something which concerned performance art, because I knew of Intersec’s background,” Wales added. “Marina [Abramovic]’s work fit the bill perfectly, as it is all about testing one’s physical and mental limits.”

Mona Wales is an adult, fetish, and kink performer who has been featured in more than 75 scenes for companies including (primarily on, Evil Angel Video and more. “The Sadist is Present” is the first scene she has directed for a major company.

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