DeliveryCode Offers Wish List App on Apple Store

Stephen Yagielowicz

LONDON — Innovative wish list service provider has debuted its DeliveryCode app, a state-of-the-art, luxury gifting-application that makes it easier for celebrities and fans to securely interact.

According to its publisher, the application is a privacy-protecting platform that connects fans with celebrities through curated wish lists from high-end boutiques and brands, with users easily adding products from any online retail site. In the case of celebrity wish lists, fans may purchase items directly from the list without ever obtaining access to the celebrity’s personal information,  and shipping addresses are never shared, so they remain private.

“We’ve created an extremely unique service in DeliveryCode that is the evolution of wish lists and online shopping in general,” said DeliveryCode Retail Director Sarah Stokely. “Now with the launch of the app, we are giving customers a mobile, secure and easy-to-navigate platform to post their wish lists for fans, friends, family, and admirers.”

“The best part is you need not be a celebrity to have a DeliveryCode Wish List,” Stokely says. “But you’ll sure feel like one when the gifts begin arriving at your doorstep.”

App users may easily register via the application, website, or their social media pages. Profiles are customizable by adding a short bio and photo, and filling in a size guide. Customers are then ready to create their wish list by visiting shopping sites and adding items from those sites.

An introductory video is available on YouTube.

According to the company, the increasing popularity of celebrities and the public’s desire to interact with them in a more personal way, makes the DeliveryCode app ideal for actors, musicians and models who have created their own wish lists. In addition to providing ease of use and protection of privacy, DeliveryCode also ensures that once a gift is bought from a wish list, the purchaser is unable to log on the next day and cancel it — a common complaint with wish list services of the past.

DeliveryCode launched in 2015, after company executives noticed the increased appeal of celebrity accessibility via channels such as social media. However, increased fan access to celebrities presented a new problem from security and location privacy. While many celebrities opted to spend extra funds for private mailboxes, offices, and assistants to handle privacy issues, others simply opted to not offer such information, losing valuable fan interaction opportunities as a result.

With multiple layers of firewalls and state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures in place, DeliveryCode ensures clients’ personal information will remain private — providing a great boon to adult performers, including cam models and amateur site operators, who want the added benefit of customer gifting, but without the safety issues that can arise.

“DeliveryCode protects addresses and gives customers the ability to easily manage and control their wish list through the privacy-protecting app,” Stokely added, “It’s easy to share the list on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms, so followers can go directly to the wish list page to purchase items, which are delivered directly to the beneficiary’s front door without ever requiring their address.”

To download the DeliveryCode app from the Apple Store, click here.

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