Traffic Force Adds Tools for Run of Network Advertisers

Stephen Yagielowicz

TORONTO — has announced its addition of new tools that provide more options and greater flexibility for its run of network advertisers.

According to the company, run of network (RON) ads have been among the most popular options for many advertisers because they provide the widest possible audience and the greatest reach.

This widespread reach often required a trade-off between quality and quantity, however, because RON placement did not allow for the kind of channel-specific targeting that media buyers require to curtail underperforming placements and to focus more intensely on the best performing locations for their specific offers and marketing creatives.

To address this situation, Traffic Force has released new targeting tools that can easily prune RON placements in order to maximize performance.

“The way our RON worked before, it utilized traffic from across the entire network in a designated ad area, without the ability to remove underperforming channels,” explains Ross of “Traffic Force now allows each advertiser to block traffic from under-performing channels, enabling optimization of your RON buys. It allows [advertisers] to test and scale the better performing channels to increase their profitability. Put simply, it’s RON with an even better ROI.”

Traffic Force reports serving more than 12 billion premium ad impressions each month from its massive network of high quality lead-generating websites. The platform includes powerful targeting and reporting tools for bid based ad buys and features many methods for improving ad accuracy, as media buyers test, track and purchase an always evolving stream of traffic from the sources that perform best.

The system can be operated from any desktop or mobile device, with Traffic Force utilizing state of the art techniques for protecting advertisers and publishers from malvertising, while adding new features aimed at enhancing the success of each traffic buyer and seller.

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