Dominic Ford To Shoot Exclusively in Cinema 4K

LOS ANGELES — Leading edge gay porn site has announced that all future original content will be filmed in Cinema 4K, an ultra-high resolution that is actually greater than the current crop of UHD 4K TVs currently supports.

According to the company, it continues to combine the hottest guys, the hottest sex and the latest technology, with Ford having pioneered filming in 3D years before 3D TVs were even on the horizon, making the company known for being on the cutting edge of technology as well as having a high-end brand and content.

Ford explains that 4K comes in two flavors at the moment. The 4K one sees in a cinema (or through most 4K projectors) has a resolution of 4092 x 2160. Ultra High-Def 4K (or UHD 4K) supports only 3840 x 2160, so his production company will film in Cinema 4K, making its content more future-proof than simply filming for today’s reduced UHD standard.

The company was reportedly the first to allow 1080p downloads of its content, and was also the first gay porn company to release scenes in 4K — having released two 4K scenes in 2013.

“We tested the waters in late 2013 to see if the world was ready yet for 4K. While our 4K movies were well-received, it was clear that 4K was in its infancy,” says Ford. “While it is still in its early stages, most new TVs coming out now are UHD 4K, Netflix is streaming 4K and a new 4K Blu-Ray standard is coming out [so] 4K is here to stay.”

“So You Think You Can Fuck Season 5,” the company’s ground-breaking reality show, will be filmed entirely in 4K, as will all original content produced by the company for its site

Ford also provides production for other sites, and those sites now have the option to have 4K, and when UHD 4K eventually gives way to Cinema 4K, Ford will be ready for that as well.

“All our content is being filmed in Cinema 4K, making it future-proof until 8K becomes mainstream,” Ford explains. “But we are at least 10 years away from that, if not more.”

Ford’s new 4K scenes will be released starting in late March.

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