NakedSword Announces New Original Feature, 'A Wicked Game'

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword declared February “the month for porn lovers,” with the release of a new original feature film, free downloads for members of all of its NakedSword Original movies (for the first time ever), as well as the launch of an affiliate contest to cap off the month.

NakedSword is making every NakedSword Original title available DRM free this month, so members can download dozens of NakedSword's original movies and watch them anytime, anywhere.

Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 4, NakedSword Originals will start rolling out its first feature film since the release of “Dirty Rascals in association with BelAmi, last November. The opposite of the light-hearted “Dirty Rascals,” “A Wicked Game” is an erotic thriller starring Falcon Studios' exclusive Ryan Rose and exclusive Jarec Wentworth.

Playing newlyweds, Ryan Rose and Duncan Black are lost in a sea of romance while honeymooning in Florida, but danger knocks at their door. A beautiful day on the boat making love at sea ends in tragedy when the young lovers fall victim to a home invasion. Bound, gagged and at the mercy of a sadistic stranger, they are forced to fulfill his twisted sexual fantasies. Will the love they have for each other see them through this nightmare or will it be their fatal undoing?  

Shot entirely on location in Fort Lauderdale and directed by mr. Pam, "A Wicked Game" is a dark, sexy thriller that NakedSword says is completely different from its previous productions.

In concert with the launch of “A Wicked Game” and to celebrate the fact that all NakedSword Originals will be DRM free for the month of February, NakedSword is launching A Wicked Valentines Contest for affiliates, and will be giving away cash prizes to affiliates who have the biggest improvement in traffic (percentage-wise) for the month of February, compared to the month of January. 

NakedSword reports that it is looking for most improved month-over-month, so both affiliates big and small are in the running. The first prize winner will take home $250, second prize is $150 and third prize is $100.  

This month NakedSword is also celebrating the two-year anniversary of its indie film “I Want Your Love” by adding it back to NakedSword membership and offering it up as a part of February's DRM free NakedSword catalog.

Affiliates looking to get a jump on the promotion can download a special promo pack with banners and the trailer for “A Wicked Game,” as well as "Porn Lover" banners highlighting NakedSword's free download promotion.