Girlfriends Films Releases 500th Title, 'Wet for Women'

Lila Gray

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films has announced a new milestone — the company’s 500th DVD releases on Friday, Jan. 30. 

The 500th title is the first volume of new episodic series, “Wet for Women,” and has been profiled on movie and entertainment site, a part of the network.

According to Girlfriends, the series’ complex and fun storyline is carried by the cast, which includes Girlfriends Films contract performer Mindi Mink, as well as RayVeness, Aidra Fox, Jodi Taylor, Scarlet Red and Tara Morgan.

“We put a lot of care and effort into casting each of our 500 DVDs, but it is especially important to nail the casting in the first volume of a new series,” Girlfriends Films President Moose said. “With Mindi and RayVeness leading the way, I think the first installment of ‘Wet for Women’ will leave a great impression with viewers — it’s a great way to start off our next 500 movies.”

“Wet for Women” begins with the divorce of Mindi from her husband, Tony. In “Episode 1,” Mindi breaks the bad news to her two daughters, Tara and Scarlet. With Dad moving out, they will no longer be able to afford the beautiful home they love and must move to a less-expensive place. 

It’s heart breaking for the girls, so Mindi comes up with a solution — they can afford to stay in the house if they take on roommates, which would require the two girls to share a room. This would give them three bedrooms (two are already not used). Three bedrooms generating $400 a month would provide $1,200, which might be enough for them to keep the house. Mindi tells the girls they will also have to cut back on some of their discretionary expenses. All three decide it will be worth it.

Mindi and the girls plan on being very selective when it comes to roommates. After a brief discussion, it’s decided the best match would be another mom and her daughters: no boys or men to add drama to the situation. Mindi wants someone who will act responsibly when she’s working her night shifts.

Cue RayVeness and her young lesbian girlfriend, Jodi, and their mutual lesbian friend, Aidra. They find Mindi’s ad for roommates on and feel it’s just what they need, except that the ad states that the roommates must be a mom and her daughters. RayVeness decides to take a look at the place and if it is as good as it sounds, they will pose as a family.

Series creator and Girlfriends Films Founder Dan O’Connell recently spoke with contributor Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals about “Wet for Women,” and how he approaches the art of storytelling in adult entertainment.

When describing his attraction to episodic storytelling, O’Connell explained, “Sexual tension and excitement greatly increase reality and eroticism when we want to watch the one character romance and seduce the other. I believe Girlfriends Films was the first to bring episodic movies to the porn industry.”

To read the full interview of with O’Connell on, click here

To view the box art and photo stills for “Wet for Women: Episode 1,” click here.

Filmed in high definition with 3 Sony XDCAM cameras, “Wet for Women: Episode 1” includes an XXX and glamour photo gallery, plus trailers to popular Girlfriends Films movies. Episode 1 is presented in a 16:9 widescreen format.