JoyDivision Teases New U.S. Market Additions at ANME

Lila Gray

ATLANTA — JoyDivision, a leading European manufacturer of sensual lifestyle products, reported a successful showing at this month's ANME Founders Show in Burbank, where it unveiled sneak peeks of its upcoming releases to the U.S. market.

The JoyDivision team said its booth received an “impressive amount of traffic.” “The booth was so busy this year, we are very pleased that the demand is growing so strong,” said Bianca Kuennecke, executive vice president of JoyDivision. “We are always excited to meet with our customers face-to-face and appreciate the support and invaluable feedback we receive at shows like this, from distributors and retailers alike.”

Inspired by the upcoming movie release everyone is talking about (re “Fifty Shades of Grey”), JoyDivision unveiled a special 50 Shades of Joy edition, which will join its Joyballs Secret line shortly. They also teased a new addition to its male line Drive – Male Performance.

“There was an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our portfolio expansion at ANME, especially our patented Silikomed material," said Marcus West, JoyDIvision's new vice president of sales and marketing. "It grabbed people’s attention because you can use it safely with silicone lubricant, while not giving up any of the benefits that medical grade silicone has. If the interest we garnered at ANME is any measure, we will continue to have a hugely successful year coming up.”

“It was an impressive pre-Valentine’s lead up. Retailers really ramped up their orders at the show, causing us to probably have to work double shifts in the next few weeks”, said James Parker, president of JoyDivision. 

JoyDivision also reported an uptick in orders of its vaginal-safe flavored massage oils, which are made with made with food-quality ingredients and available in three new flavors.