Taylor Chandler Joins Judy Garland, Lynda Carter in Photo Series

Lila Gray

BALTIMORE — So-called "first intersex porn star" Taylor Chandler, the alleged lover of Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps, is being included in noted artist Rivers Scott Fisher’s “Covergirl” photo series.

The series will premiere in June at the Jordon Faye Gallery in Baltimore.

To date, celebrities in Fisher’s series include Judy Garland, Dana Plato, Candy Darling, Lynda Carter and James Franco. Fisher creates photographs in a style that is described as “part-Andy Warhol and part-John Waters.”

“I was happily surprised and in awe when Scott Fisher asked me to be this year's ‘Covergirl’ model,” Chandler said. “When I saw my idol Wonder Woman, the Lynda Carter, as part of his series, it was a no-brainer. I'm so humbled and absolutely honored with this opportunity."

“Taylor became big Baltimore news quickly, because of her journey with [Michael] Phelps,” Fisher said. “I started reading everything I could about her, and all of the newfound fame which seemed to fall in her lap. As I read more and more about her, I found myself feeling very compassionate about her situation.

“Taylor’s story is incredible: it’s filled with tragedy, love and hope. She is a wonderful, beautiful person, and she was the perfect subject for my ‘Covergirl’ series. I am happy we have crossed paths and developed a friendship.”

Rivers Scott Fisher’s “Covergirl” series is currently available for preview at the artist’s site. To view, click here.

Chandler has received significant media attention for her recently divulged story, not only about her recent alleged tryst with Phelps, but about her being born intersex. Since the story broke, she has done interviews with The Daily Beast, The Daily Dot and The Daily Mail.

Following the media blitz, Chandler signed on and shot a porn, “Going for the Gold,” for Vivid Entertainment, and then authored “The Making of ‘Going for the Gold’,” published by Riverdale Avenue Books.