Rocks-Off Debuts Latest Releases at ANME

Ariana Rodriguez

UNITED KINGDOM – Rocks-Off reports its most successful ANME show to date with the launch of its two newest bullets The Bamboo and 50 Speeds of Play.

The U.K.- based company is known for its bullet range and is adding to the range. The Bamboo with its sleek new shape is discreet and elegant and available in four colors, including Rose Gold. With its 10-function motor, the vibe is powered by one included AAA battery.

The 50 Speeds of Play Bullet comes in steel grey and has 50 speeds, along with a memory chip housed inside the RO-160mm Bullet design. Sales Director Andrea Duffy says that though not everyone may use all 50 speeds, it’s great to have 50 to choose from.

With the memory chip, you can cycle through to the speed/function that you like and when you are done, hold down the button for three seconds. When you turn it on again, it will still be on that speed/function. Hold the button down for 10 seconds the vibe will buzz indicating that it has been re-set to the beginning. As with all Rocks-Off bullets they are both waterproof and submersible.

“We were extremely happy with the incredibly positive response to the new products,” Duffy said. “We knew they were going to be a hit, but according to the feedback we received at the show, they are a home run. We always appreciate the professional atmosphere and continued support from the ANME organization and together we made this our best show ever.”