Saying He’s ‘Million Miles Down the Road,’ Max Hardcore Won’t Bid on Domain

Rhett Pardon

UPDATE: sold at auction today for $10,100 to EasyDomains, according to TheDomains.

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Max Hardcore won’t be bidding on the domain name, which goes up for auction later today at

The porn actor, producer and director who was convicted on obscenity charges and released several years ago said last night that he’s moved on and won’t bid on the domain that was seized by the government and handed to NameJet to sell in the open market.

“I will not bid or pay for the domain name,” Hardcore told XBIZ. "I'm already a million miles down the road,” he said. “I am Max Hardcore. I own my name, all my movies, and enforce all my trademarks and copyrights.

"I'm moving forward with a positive attitude, and making the most of every day.”, up for auction at, will sell to the highest bidder.

The closed domain name auction has 85 bidders and has a high bid of $10,000 by bidder “chelsearam,” according to TheDomains, which noted that there are only two other bidders at over $1,000. was released by the Justice Department a month ago after it was held at bay for seven years.

The domain was seized after Hardcore was convicted on obscenity counts and spent 30 months of a 46-month federal prison sentence.

Once released from prison, Hardcore continued in the porn production biz and started distributing content on with new remastered "director's cuts" in high definition.

Last month, Hardcore told XBIZ that he’d bid on the domain name. "I'm gonna take it back!" he exclaimed. "It's about damn time if you ask me."

But, apparently that won’t be the case.

Another website,, also is up for bid in a so-called “pending delete.” The minimum bid is $59 on with less than a day to go until auction.