Brandi Love Entering ‘New Phase’ of Her Career in 2015

VENICE, Calif. — Brandi Love has spent the past decade setting goals for herself and has continuously evolved as a performer and as a person, and this New Year will be no different, as she begins to move into a “new phase” of her career and life.

Having already developed a successful website, Brandi finally set herself to performing for others — almost 10 years into her career — shooting some of the biggest scenes of the year.

“Could there really be more?” she asks. “There could.”

“From 2004 until today, the goal has been to build a brand that the fans respect while continuing to stay true to myself,” Brandi said. “It began with my website and has evolved to include shooting for professional studios, live cams, feature dancing, authoring a book, mainstream television and more. While there have been highs and lows, I have always known that this pace and phase couldn't last forever.”

Her focus for 2015-16 has been narrowed to three areas: Working on her adult industry bucket list; activities that focus on interaction directly with fans; and projects that allow adult entertainers to truly have a career as well as a future.

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