'Triple X Tycoon' Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet Collectives, the studio behind the "Triple X Tycoon" adult industry simulation game announced an Offbeatr crowdfunding campaign.

"The goal has always been to release something that everyone can appreciate. Whether gay, straight, blue or purple. Fun and accessibility is a huge factor for us, without that it's just not a game. We've done weird before, but this is something different," lead developer Christon "Doop" LeJohn said.

The company is hoping to hire an artist and offset other short-term development costs.

LeJohn added, "At this point all we need is a little boost to keep our artist on board and offset some fees that come as peripheral to any developer. Obviously, nobody is profiting until the game gets done, and I think that's fair. Since otherwise, we just haven't proved ourselves yet."