Riverdale Avenue to Publish Taylor Lianne Chandler Book

RIVERDALE, New York —  Riverdale Avenue Books will publish the behind-the-scenes story of "The Making of Going for the Gold," a Vivid Entertainment movie release about the alleged relationship between Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps and his former intersex girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler.

The book will be co-authored by author Lissa Trevor and chronicles the events leading up to the filming and release of the movie.

In "The Making of Going for the Gold," Taylor, who was born with both female and male parts, takes the reader through the experience of being thrust into the limelight, the decision-making process to make a porn video and deciding to become a voice for those born with double genitalia.

“Riverdale Avenue Books is thrilled to be working with Taylor on this ground-breaking book,” publisher Lori Perkins said. “Riverdale Avenue Books has a reputation for publishing important and controversial books and we are pleased to give Taylor the platform from which she can share the story of being born intersex in America.”