Nikki Phoenix Signs at CES Show, Debuts Remix

LAS VEGAS — January has already been a busy month for Nikki Phoenix as she signs again at CES this week for electronics wholesaler Accele Electronics, following her success as the voice of the Crimestopper FS-99 alarm system.

"It's an absolute pleasure to have Nikki sign again with us here at CES," said Brian Paille, national sales manager for Accele Electronics "Our SEMA show was so successful we made sure to book her for CES at the same time. Her friendliness and approachable personality are some of the main reasons she has been so successful for us.

“She's not only good at bringing new clients to our booth, but our long-standing clients always look forward to seeing her as well, and her passion and knowledge in the 12-volt market space make her a strong asset to our team at every convention. That coupled with the ability for fans and clients to get autographed 8x10s, pictures, and CDs of her music from her make her the best spokesmodel we have ever had."

Accele Electronics offers mobile video systems, including DVD players, LCD Monitors, flip-down and headrest monitors, as well as auto security systems, car video systems, automotive accessories, hardware, screws, relays, connectors, power-window kits, actuators, CCD cameras and backup sensors. Well known throughout the 12 volt industry, their brands include Accelevision, Littworks, Optix and USA Pro. 

The booth features show 2 show vehicles; a custom built golf cart complete with multiple screens, a huge stereo and an XBOX game console built by legendary car stereo installer Dave "Fishman" Rivera; and a custom drag bike built by director/photographer Miles Long.

The V-Twin chopper features a Nitrous Express dual bottle nitrous kit with secondary fuel pump, dual spark plugs and coils per cylinder like an Aprilia V -Twin race bike, 3 3/8 inch drag racing open primary. In addition, it features chrome plated Brembo brakes, with custom fabricated brackets as well as custom ghost ring headlights, and a custom ghost flame paint job by W & W custom cycles in North Hollywood CA. The most striking feature is the remote controlled color changing LED lighting system by Littworks, an Accele Electronics brand. The project took long a year-and-a-half to build.

"I have always been a speed freak, and I have a number of fast vehicles, including a very rare sports car and an Aprilia race bike, but this was my first foray into Harley type motorcycles,” Long said. “That being the case, I wanted something that reflected my personality and my penchant for things that go very fast, so it made sense to create a drag bike as opposed to a cruiser type bike.

“I started with the frame and did the entire assembly, wiring and fabrication myself except for the paint, which was done by my good friends at W & W Custom Cycles on North Hollywood, Calif., and which is absolutely amazing. I think the only reason I was brave enough to tackle such a project is that I have been working on cars and motorcycles since I was in college. In fact, my first job in college was as a mechanic in a motorcycle shop."

On the music side of her career, Phoenix and DJ/producer JackEL have finished their Trap remix of "Ballroom Zombies.” JackEL, who is well known for his versatility as a producer as well as being a DJ, has been turning heads with his performances in Vegas clubs, as well as his home country of Canada, and his tours of South Korea, Japan and America.

In addition, his collaborations with artists such as Three Six Mafia, Lil Jon, Whiz Khalifa and Dizzy Wright have garnered him critical acclaim, and have made many industry insiders regard him as the next "Big Thing" to arrive on the music scene.

To celebrate the completion of the "Ballroom Zombies Apocalypse" remix, the pair debuted the song on their radio interview on Amber Lynn's show, Rock N Sexxxy U on LA Talk Radio with Kristen Renton in December. The song will be available for purchase on all digital platforms later this month.

"It was really great to come down to LA and appear on RockNSexxyU with Nikki, and meet and talk with Amber and Kristen as well,” JackEL said. "It was also very special to make that event the debut of our Apocalyse Remix of Ballroom Zombies.

“The Trap genre, being a little more down tempo, really lends itself to the lyrics and feel of the song, and we both thought it would make for an amazing approach to a remix. I also was really impressed with what her management team had accomplished for her, and some of the ideas that they had in mind for collaborative projects, so I'm really looking forward to releasing this track, and sharing this with everyone on dance floors and I am now working on producing the other tracks on her album!"

For more information on JackEL as well as his upcoming events and schedule, click here.

To hear his song featuring MIMS, click here.

"I couldn't be more thrilled at how well the remix turned out,” Phoenix said. "JackEL is one of the most gifted musical producers I have met, and is on the fast track to being a major force within the music industry. We've already given the song to insider DJs here in Las Vegas who are playing them in their sets, and they love the song as well!

“JackEL is so gifted, he's been successful not only in EDM, but in R&B and hip-hop as well, and he's the go to person for some of the biggest names out there. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him, he's someone everyone wants to keep an eye on."