Amateur Pornographers Face Death Penalty in Iran

Steve Javors
TEHRAN, Iran — An amateur porn movie could net 31 people the death penalty in Iran’s capital city. The group faces death for filming and producing an adult movie that was shot using a cellphone, said Saiid Mortazavi, the president of Tehran’s criminal court.

The group of 31 people also has been charged with sexual assault on the actress in the movie.

According to Mortazavi, the group faces death in accordance with Islamic law. Mortazavi has announced previously that he would sentence to death all those involved in making adult movies of any kind.

Rah/Aki, a daily newspaper in Iran, reported that the topic of homemade porn has been a hot button issue in the country recently, especially since the November 2006 release of a tape starring popular television actress Zahra Amir Ebrahimi engaged in a sexual act.

Iran has a track record of executing amateur adult makers. A man who made adult movies with his wife was publicly hanged in late-2005 and a female porn star was stoned to death after spending eight years in prison for performing in an adult film.