Cooper S. Beckett Reveals ‘My Life on the Swingset’

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Podcast host and Swingset Network President Cooper S. Beckett has announced the debut of his personal memoir on swinging and open relationships, “My Life on the Swingset.”

The book details Beckett’s journey from a monogamous marriage into the world of swinging and through to his current life as a voice in the sex positive community, discussing the topics of swinging, polyamory, and all aspects of ethical non-monogamy.

Published on Beckett’s own Hump & Circumstance Press, “My Life on the Swingset” is a collection of personal essays, stories, erotica and prescriptive “how-to” guides that include material from Beckett’s five years of writing and podcasting at

The book covers a wide range of topics, including dating as a swinger, evolving feelings about love and expectations, dealing with jealousy and social anxiety, having threesomes and orgies, going through a divorce, and “leveling up” in life and sexuality.

“Cooper Beckett goes old school gonzo in ‘My Life On the Swingset’ as your tour guide of non-monogamy in this delightful and playful romp of a read,” states Good Vibrations’ EVP Jackie Strano. “‘Fear and Loathing’ meets ‘On The Road’ as Cooper gives you first hand debaucherous details about his trials and tribulations and ecstatic moments of exploration in the swinger lifestyle.”

“Defining NRE, prostate orgasm, sexy safe sex, and basic etiquette while telling a charming story is not easy, but this recovering Catholic boy gives it his gusto and the book is helpful as well as entertaining,” Strano says.

According to its publisher, “My Life on the Swingset” is available exclusively as an Amazon Kindle ebook starting today, with a print edition to follow later this month and an audio book release in the spring.

As part of its promotional campaign, Beckett will make appearances to discuss the book on the Swingset Network’s “Carnalcopia” podcast, as well as the “Full Disclosure” and “Ending the Sexual Dark Age” podcasts. An interview with Beckett will also appear in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s “Let’s Get It On” column in this week’s Philadelphia City Paper.

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