Sunny Megatron Nominated for 2015 SHE Awards 'Sexpert of the Year'

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Sexual health and wellness expert Sunny Megatron is nominated for Sexpert of the Year by the 2015 SHE (Sexual Health Expo) Awards.

Megatron’s highlights throughout the last year include the debut of her TV series, “Sex with Sunny Megatron,” on Showtime, as well as numerous media profiles and in-depth coverage.

“I’m very pleased to be nominated for the inaugural SHE Awards,” Megatron said. “As a sex educator, my goal is to spark conversation about the importance of sex and sexual health to one’s well being, which is the same mission of the Sexual Health Expo.”

The SHE Awards, honoring individuals and products promoting a healthy sex life, will be held at the Sofitel Hotel, 8555 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles as a part of the first-ever Sex Health Expo, held Jan. 17-18.

“Sunny has been a beacon of light in the sex education and wellness field and this recognition reaffirms her amazing work and accomplishments. We congratulate her on her nomination,” said Paul Fishbein, co-owner of Plausible Films, the production studio behind “Sex with Sunny Megatron,” along with The Jay & Tony Show.

As host and executive producer of “Sex with Sunny Megatron,” Megatron spreads her message of sexual health and wellness across the country and around the world. A well-known blogger, author and public speaker, she guest lectures at universities and teaches sold-out sexuality workshops across the continent with her husband, Ken Melvoin-Berg. The couple covers a variety of topics, including Intro to BDSM, Sex Toys 101, Oral Sex Basics, The G-spot and Female Orgasm, Anal Play, Non-Monogamy, Electric Play, and more.

In “Sex with Sunny Megatron,” she explores adult play, as everyday people expose their fantasies. More information about the show is available here.

“I love my show and the great response we’ve received for it. On ‘Sex with Sunny Megatron,’ and in my other work in general, I want to inspire people to be less judgmental about sexual expression, whether it’s their own or of others,” Megatron said. “Sexuality isn’t something to be scared of or ashamed of as long as it’s a healthy expression of ourselves. There’s a bit of a ‘freaky perv’ in us all.”

Throughout 2014, international media outlets profiled Sunny Megatron. Covering the episode of “Sex with Sunny Megatron” on Clown Sex, Cosmopolitan referred to her as “prolific,” with an “ebullient, straight-talking” methodology towards sex education.  The Daily Dot profiled the show’s segment on Race Play, while Huffington Post focused on Megatron’s exploration of Fetish Fitness Classes and BuzzFeed highlighted Formicophilia.

“[Showtime] has never broached [sex] quite as directly as it does in ‘Sex with Sunny Megatron,’” wrote “An unabashed exploration of sexuality.”

The Daily Beast, Playboy, Jezebel, and Mr. Skin have also featured sunny Megatron during the past year.