Taylor Chandler Appearing on The Howard Stern Show

NEW YORK (December 29, 2014) — Taylor Chandler, the notorious intersex lover of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps will be appearing live and in-studio on “The Howard Stern Show” on Jan. 6 at 4:30 a.m. PST.

“I don’t care what you’ve done in life to throw you in the spotlight, you haven’t officially arrived until Howard Stern asks you to come on his show,” Chandler said. “This is a dream come true to meet him and Robin, especially someone of my generation who has been listening to him since the beginning. I love a man who’s so tall I can wear heels and still look petite. I’m so ready to do this, I cannot wait.”

This week, TMZ revealed that Chandler met with Vivid Entertainment about a possible porn video deal. Although no deal has been struck, the 42-year-old says in her interview her dalliance with the gold medal superstar has made her unemployable in her previous career, as a sign language interpreter on Capitol Hill.

Last month, Chandler made the cover of The Enquirer after recently coming out to her friends and family on Facebook. Since then, the web media has been flooded with Chandler’s story, not only about her recent tryst with the Olympian which followed his DWI and a stay in rehab, but about her being born intersex and educating and raising public awareness. Since the story broke, she has done interviews with The Daily Beast, The Daily Dot, and The Daily Mail.