Playboy Models Ride Sybian to Raise Money for Charity

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Despite YouTube’s rules restricting graphic sexual content, the Internet group Simple Pickup recently uploaded a somewhat NSFW video of several Playboy models, actresses and glamour girls riding a masturbation sex toy, the Sybian, while reading the Christmas classic “The Night Before Christmas.”

Viewers really got in the spirit, and the clip has raked in about 4.3 million views to date–– all in the name of raising money for a children's charity.

Featured models in the video include Jenna Chapple, Tania Fun, Lena Chubz, Code E and Halszka Kuza.

After throwing on some skimpy clothing (i.e., throwing clothes off) and some Santa hats, each one hops on the Sybian and begins reading the tale aloud. Throughout the reading, the orgasmic toy clicks on, and the girls get their own Christmas bonuses.

This isn't the first time Simple Pickup has commissioned sexy girls to ride a Sybian for a good cause. In May, the crew recruited random women on the streets of Venice Beach, Calif. to raise money to prevent women's circumcision, a move that ruffled a few feathers.