Sensual Cosmetics Brand Exsens Launches

Ariana Rodriguez

PARIS – French erotic cosmetics brand Exsens has launched with a line of products “created for individuals who seek beauty, love and pleasure.”

As part of international group, the company says it has a global presence. Exsens products are formulated and products at its state-of-the-art facility, Laboratoire Kemesys in Aix En Provence, France.

“Our product line includes gourmet warming massage oils, a glittering hair and body dry oil spray, and a stimulation lip gloss,” the company says. “Our research team is currently developing innovative products such as personal lubricants with organic Aloe Vera extract and chocolate body pens that will be integrated into the product offering in 2015.”

According to the company, while it began initiating products in July, the company has already made its way onto the shelves of several French and European adult stores and home parties. Exsens will make its U.S. debut at next month’s XBIZ 360.

“We believe Exsens products will illuminate the adult industry and look forward to bringing the romantic ambiance from the south of France into bedrooms around the world,” the company said. “The feedback has been extremely positive, with most customers commenting on the purity and quality of the products and also noting that the packaging style is exquisite. We believe we share the same vision with our customers; that is, a need for premium sexual wellness products that promote positive passionate experiences.”