Mick Blue Featured in Fashion Blog

VENICE, Calif. — Performer Mick Blue is featured in the FashionMarxxx blog.

Blue is praised for his fashion sense and way with the ladies.

“Mick dresses like a well groomed and kept man,” operator Skylar Marxxx said. “Even when going casual he never fails to impress. Mick is underrated when it comes to style. He is a dapper man obviously, but when he puts on his clothes to up the ante of his swag, it’s awesome.”

Blue offers advice on grooming and both casual and business attire as well as attitude.

“If you wanna go for a suave man with a ton of confidence sort of look, this is it,” Marxxx added. “Just observe Mick Blue’s fashion sense and body language when watching him, try to emulate his persona and girls will fall over you and be heavily attracted to you.”