Nadia Styles Stars in ‘Staying in 3’

VENICE, Calif. — Nadia Styles stars in “Staying in 3” for 3rd Degree, hitting shelves this week.

“I believe this is my first vaginal creampie,” Styles says. “And I say it like that because after 300 or so scenes, a porn star sometimes forgets about how the cum was released on her in every scene. Anal creampies I have definitely done, but I believe this was a first because I was nervous before I did it, as if it was my first scene. I was nervous because I did not know how it worked. What if I did it wrong! It would be a porno tragedy.”

Director Quasar was able to calm her with his quick explanation: “the guy cums inside your pussy, you push it out,” which made Nadia relax.

“I did the scene with Marco Banderas [and] we had a blast,” she added.

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