New Dating Network Connects Western Men With Eastern Women

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Launched at the beginning of 2014, is ramping up its services, seeking to unite the world by approaching the online dating market from a well-defined niche.

According to the company, with so many powerful contenders when it comes to dating in general, such as OkCupid,, PlentyofFish and eHarmony, the creators of have found their own space within this well-developed area.

Eastloveswest is a part of, an IT company that develops dating websites.

The company, originally from Switzerland, has recently moved its main office to Bucharest, Romania, with offices in Italy, Armenia, Serbia, the Netherlands and the U.S. as well. With collaborators all over the globe, Next Level Dating AG embraces both diversity and innovation to locate specific needs in the dating market.

A spokesperson for says that Eastloveswest is one such project, aiming to connect men from Western countries with women from the East.

“We know what it looks like, but we’re not selling brides here,” the spokesperson told XBIZ. “It’s not about Western money getting Eastern beauty. It’s about creating new opportunities, giving them a setting in which they can flourish, and forgetting about borders and cultural differences.”

Eastloveswest combines the ease of meeting people online with constantly evolving technologies and the growing freedom of global travel.

“We give people a chance to meet on our website. Users can connect with people they have never thought they would meet, learn about countries that they never knew existed, and expand their horizons,” the spokesperson added. “Falling in love with somebody outside of your country is no longer a fantasy or an unfulfilled dream, especially when you’re just a flight away from them.”

Observing the growing ease of travel around the world, Eastloveswest is anticipating the metaphorical dissolving of borders and thus an open niche in the dating market, with the site promoting equilibrium between Western powers and the developing Eastern world.

“The East and West have their own traditions, both valuable, just not self-sufficient on their own,” the spokesperson explains. “Men from the West have a tendency to become workaholics, and they don’t have time for meeting new people and dating, let alone starting a family. With us, it is easy. Women from the East come with their family values, and help create a balance in the hustle and bustle of the Western world. They also get better education and employment chances than they do in the East, so it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

To address any language barriers,’s diverse, multicultural team developed tools that will allow all members to communicate with one another, putting everyone on a level playing field.

“Eastloveswest offers a couple of premium features such as a translation tool that will even translate personal messages in the user’s chosen language,” the spokesperson concludes. “Although we work and communicate our ideas in English, it would be foolish to not take advantage of our cultural diversity.”

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