CNBC Study: Mobile Blurring Boundaries of Work, Leisure

Rhett Pardon

LONDON — An annual report that tracks the usage and impact of mobile devices says that 70 percent of business men and women believe that mobile technology is blurring the parameters between work and leisure.

Results of the study show how mobile technology is disrupting work life balance and that changing usage is likely to fuel opportunities for advertisers and mobile site owners, including those in the adult entertainment space.

The study, CNBC's Mobile Elite 2014 report, showed that 70 percent of business managers surveyed in Europe, Asia and the U.S. agree that mobile technology use blends between work and leisure.

First commissioned in 2010, Mobile Elite 2014 is the fifth wave in a series of surveys tracking the impact of mobile growth on personal and working lives.

The report also looked at social media, amongst other topics. Of note, CNBC said results showed a significant jump — 97 percent — in social media use amongst Europeans.

CNBC's 2014 Mobile Elite survey compiled over 600 online interviews across Europe, Asia and North America. Market research company T-Poll collected Europe and the U.S.'s data while GMI oversaw Asia's content.