Icon Brands Reports Strong Sales for 'BBC' Line of Dongs

LOS ANGELES — Icon Brands reports it has sold out its first run of “Big Black Cocks,” three new pieces in Falcon, a leading gay novelty line.

The dongs are solid black and uniquely shaped, with a real urban vibe. There’s “Icepick,” which is long and narrow, “Phat Boy” for the girth crowd, and “Twizted,” which is bent in more ways that one.

“We knew these would be popular,” said Joanie Lee, Icon’s VP of sales, “but we were really amazed at how popular. Everyone took them, and ordered big.”

She added, “Our first run is sold out but we have more due to arrive at the end of the month.”

With consumers and retailers alike doing so well with more “extreme” pieces, Icon felt it would be fun to do a few dongs in that direction.

Lee commented, “The packaging is truly eye-catching; it really jumps off the shelf.”

Packaged in red, black and gold boxes, the big, chunky pieces are adorned with graffitti and grit—communicating the “thug-porn” attitude of the line. Lee concluded, “and when you’re trying to stand out, attitude is everything.”

Big Black Cocks or “BBCs” as they’re also referred to, are available from Icon Brands and leading distributors nationwide. 

Visit iconbrands.com for more information.