Cloud Evangelist Offers New Webcam Revenue Solution

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Cloud Evangelist has announced the offering of new revenue models and workflow automation allowing webcam operators to monetize the content of recorded live cam sessions.

According to Cloud Evangelist, aka Marco van den Akker, while traditional video producers are seeing their content pirated, webcam operators are seeking new channels and opportunities for delivering more services and products to sell to the fan base of their webcam models.  These fans are engaged through social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skyprivate and Pornpitch, so webcam stars are developing a growing number of followers and using personal engagement to cultivate fan loyalty.

“In the webcam niche, you see the growing attention for models to deliver more specialism in their shows, like using toys and participating in threesomes shows,” van den Akker says. “Now the models are performing live for a certain amount of tokens, but the need for cam operators is to capture these moments to get more revenue from these performances.”

This is where Cloud Evangelist’s eMAM media asset management platform comes into play, allowing webcam operators and models to cut their own custom videos from live cam performances.

The straightforward workflow involves the performer recording their show, which is then ingested into the eMAM, which automatically transcodes the video into a range of formats suitable for mobile and Internet delivery in SD, HD and 4K resolutions and then adds it to an ecommerce storefront connected to the site’s billing platform via an API. The customer then pays using credits or money and the eMAM delivers the content to the user’s device, reportedly accelerated 500 times faster than an FTP connection.

The system relies heavily on automation and the integration of handling, billing and streaming, with an editor trimming the videos to eliminate extraneous material before the recordings are stored in a library that automatically populate the ecommerce storefront, where fans can download recorded shows.

“For every operator who is open for more revenue without having more friction in their workflow, there is an option to deploy this service,” van den Akker adds. “For less than $399 per month, operators are able to generate thousands of dollars per month by using this system.”

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