Launches Revamped Website

MALIBU, Calif. — Adult entertainment employment site, has announced its relaunch with a redesigned look and a rich set of new features.

A mobile-optimized site is also now available with the same functionality as the main site.

“We spent three years retooling each component of the site from the ground up,” said Sean Phillips, Marketing Director for SexyJobs. “Our goal has been to make everything faster, easier to use and more powerful.”

“But we didn’t stop there,” said Phillips. “We also wanted to make the site fun. After all, if there is one sector of the economy where searching for a job should be painless, it is the adult entertainment industry. Our new site is such a blast to explore, we think people will enjoy it even if they aren’t looking to recruit talent or find adult jobs.” made its initial debut in 1998.

“Being the first mover has been both a blessing and a curse,” explained Phillips. “In the past fifteen years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of adult employers and hundreds of thousands of jobs seekers, which has been extremely gratifying.”

Phillips notes that because the site has been around for so long, it had a lot of old, legacy applications and a of talent and a ton of specialized functionality, which is why it took three long years to rebuild the site into one cohesive, modern platform.

“Needless to say, we think we nailed it,” said Phillips. “Of course, we welcome all feedback, both negative and positive. And we sure hope people who haven’t visited our site recently will come and take a peak.”

For more information, visit, or email Sean Phillips at