Australian Sex Party Seeks Victorian State Parliament Seat

Stephen Yagielowicz

MELBOURNE — Buoyed by the generous donations of its sponsors, the Australian Sex Party is ramping up its campaign to secure a seat in the Victorian State Parliament.

One recent highlight of the campaign is a reported $121,000 AUD donation by HGC Administrative Services to the Australian Adult Industry Association (EROS), earmarked for its political arm, the Australian Sex Party.

HGC Administrative Services has produced the SEXPO event series throughout Australia since 1996, with a licensed event in South Africa since 2007. HGC Administrative Services also operates Australia’s Club X and Twisted Toys brands.

According to the Sex Party, it is not a single platform party, as it encompasses policies addressing law and order, public transport, drug law reform and more. The Sex Party’s lead candidate is long time adult entertainment industry advocate, Fiona Patten. A range of other candidates also represents the party.

“Bad legislation has always been our worst enemy as an industry, so why not start trying to change the nature of the legislature?” asks Ken Hill, HGC Administrative Services CEO — Australia. “The churches have been doing this for many years and it’s been incredibly successful for them.”

“After missing out on winning two Senate seats at the last federal election by just 245 votes in Tasmania, and in Victoria as a result of a botched preference deal, the Sex Party is poised to win a seat this time,” Hill adds, calling for donations from international companies to help secure the future of the Australian adult entertainment industry.

“I’d like to make an impassioned plea for international companies that do business in Australia to support our campaign. As well as creating a more profitable environment to trade in, they would be raising the political profile of the industry all over the world,” Hill explains. “If we can get one of our own elected it sends a very big message to the industry in other countries.”

In total, the Australian Sex Party has reportedly received donations in excess of $209,000 AUD to fund its election campaign, which is an ongoing move to bring the party into power.

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