JOPEN Releases 5 New Products in LUST Collection

Lila Gray

Los Angeles, CA – Luxury pleasure product company JOPEN released five new LUST products, which are now in stock and available globally. 

“LUST has been wildly successful, so we wanted to add new unique pieces to this collection to make it that much more outstanding,” JOPEN CEO Susan Colvin said. “We have added more petals to our patented petal design. Plus, the many features of LUST give the end-user all the attributes they could possibly want in a pleasure product."

“The new LUST items are here just in time for the holidays with the various designs and bright, fun, flirty color pallet. We absolutely love them and know you will too,” she added.

L7 is similar in design to the L5 and L6, but instead of two "petals," this massage wand has four outstretching petals. It features 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. The rechargeable battery runs for two hours on high speed and three hours on low speeds, and it completely recharges in two hours. L7 also doubles as a great beginners anal toy. It is available in green, purple and pink.

L9 is a luxurious take on Kegel exercisers. This silicone Kegel system is a discreet and compact personal massager with incremental speed control. Available in pink and green, this Kegel system charges completely charge in 2.5 hours.

L13 is a silicone probe, innovative due to its pull ring handle for easy grip and removal. It features five functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation plus independent incremental speed controls. The curves on this piece make it ideal for G-spot and P-spot exploration. The L13 is offered now in both purple and gray.

L15 and L19 are two new high-quality dual stimulators. Both of these dual stimulators feature five functions with independent rotation and independent incremental speed control.

The L15 boasts “pin-point accuracy” with its clitoral stimulator and five-inch shaft. The L19 is billed as “the first dual stimulator of its kind,” with power boost technology that allows the user to bring the product to its highest speed with the touch of a button. This massager has triple motors, a rotating shaft and is rechargeable. Both L15 and L19 are available in pink and purple. 

To demonstrate the additions to the collection, JOPEN produced a LUST Video Series. CalExotics' resident sexpert, Jaiya, hosts the five-part series that not only informs consumers, but is a great training tool. The videos are available on the LUST product pages of the website and on the company’s YouTube page. The videos are also available to play on in-store video screens.

Robin Stewart, brand manager for JOPEN, said, “JOPEN has truly outdone itself with these new LUST items. Everyone who sees them falls instantly in love with them — or should I say in ‘lust’ with them? They have so many sought-after features and benefits. The collection is absolutely spectacular and the perfect gift for the woman who likes to be pampered with pretty things — and isn’t that all women?”

Each LUST item is USB-rechargeable, has a satin finish and is made with body-safe silicone. Additionally, all the LUST items are waterproof, have an auto on/off button with an LED indicator light, and come in a keepsake box for nightstand storage.

To see the video series and learn more about the latest LUST products, visit