Starlet Harriet Sugarcookie Set for 1st DP Scene

VENICE, Calif. — Starlet Harriet Sugarcookie said she is in Rome and working on some side projects that include getting naked in front of the video camera.

She also has a new sex video up this week — something that has been rare so far in her short career — and fans can look for her first double penetration video, which she performed with toys.

Sugarcookie also has a new photo set online, as well as some shots from a puri kuri photo booth while wearing “kawaii” Japanese clothes. She will be giving away the photos in a raffle this month.

“The other day I dressed up in some new clothes I ordered from Japan and went into town to a Japanese store to take some pictures in the puri kuri photo booth,” Sugarcookie said. “I asked the man in the store if was okay to take some naked puri kuri photos but he wouldn’t let me. Luckily he didn’t have a problem with cute, sexy photos.”