'Hackin' Jack vs. The Chainsaw Chick 3D' Adult Horror Film Screening

LOS ANGELES — "Hackin' Jack vs. The Chainsaw Chick 3D" has been selected as the opening night horror entry for the seventh annual Los Angeles 3D Film Festival beginning Dec. 6 at 10 p.m. at Regal's LA Live Stadium 14.

The film will be presented in SplatterRama 3D with ThunderRama sound.

Produced by Super 3D Comics and starring Natalie Miston and Jon-Marc Yaden, the horror-comedy features William Margold playing Sig Bailey. The film was directed by Norm de Plume.

In the film, Robin Banks wields a chainsaw to battle Hackin' Jack, a bloodthirsty jack-in-the-box clown "in a night filled with funny business and flying body parts." The producers said the ThunderRama sound effect uses Sensurround-like digital technology to deliver the first total 3D sight and sound experience.

The movie trailer can be seen here.

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