Joy-Toilet Seeking Funding for 'Triple X Tycoon' Game

MNEW YORK — Joy-Toilet Collectives announced that it is seeking funding for its Triple X Tycoon adult industry business management game.

"Although the game is designed to be both an educational and humorous experience, our team is dedicated to fleshing out a plethora of ideas in order to cater to both our target audience and existing subscriber base," lead developer Christon "Doop" LeJohn said.

He adeed, "In order to maintain our stride we are looking into partnerships within the adult industry so as to assure the proper representation and accurate execution of our intent. We hope that by teaming up with a trusted and regular producer and distributor of adult content we can reach a wider audience than we otherwise wouldn't."

The company said it has been developing the game since August for desktop but is considering entering the mobile space sometime next year.

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