Puma Swede Stirs Up 'Swedish Hollywood Wives' Reality Show

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Puma Swede announced that she is making headlines in Sweden after her appearances on popular primetime Swedish reality TV show ''Swedish Hollywood Wives."

'Swede's presence on the show has offended two Swedish celebs — sparking debate if porn stars should be on ''family'' television. Swedish actress Gunilla Persson lashed out that Puma's work in porn was the work of ''Satan'' and ''Sodom & Gommorrah'' and had no place in a ''family'' television show.

Anna Anka (wife of composer Paul Anka) has told the press that Swede should not be on the show because of younger viewers and accusing the show of ''moral decay'' in an interview.

''It's funny to see myself in the headlines for being in a reality TV show. It's not like I have sex on camera during the shows. Anna Anka said in the show it's the job of a wife to give her husband a blowjob in the morning... but somehow my career is offensive. I am glad that mainstream shows are finally letting adult stars on primetime. It's about time,'' Swede said.