Nomi Tang Expands ‘Better than Chocolate 2’ and ‘IntiMate’ Lines

LOS ANGELES — In response to customer demand, Nomi Tang has added two new colors to her best-selling “Better than Chocolate 2” and “IntiMate” lines.

Better than Chocolate 2 is now available in dark blue and IntiMate in purple.

Better than Chocolate 2 is the second generation of Nomi Tang’s first product, a clit vibrator with an intelligent touch control interface. With a compact shape, it fits perfectly in the hand and against the body and has been Nomi’s best selling clit vibrator with red-violet and hot pink colors. Now customers have one more color to choose: dark blue.

Better than Chocolate 2 features a slide to control the speed, pinpoint clit stimulation, a seamless silicone finish, and is waterproof and USB rechargeable.

IntiMate is a set of two highly effective Kegel balls. With its discreet and sleek design, it works to strengthen the vaginal wall, makes it more responsive to touch, improves muscular control and allows for intense and stimulating orgasms. Besides the high quality, the competitive pricing is also another great advantage of IntiMate, which is now in one more exciting color: purple.

IntiMate features a stylish, waterproof design intended for sexual pleasure and fitness. Easy to insert, it is made of medical grade silicone material, and in addition to its new purple color, is available in red-violet and sakura pink.

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