Bathmate Attends Expomark in Costa Rica

LONDON — Danny Knecht, managing director of Brand One, Bathmate’s U.S. distribution partner, recently attended the Expomark show in Costa Rica.

This year U.K.-based Bathmate successfully launched the HydroDouche and Power Rings range, which Knecht promoted at Expomark.    

“It was great to be able to talk to the biggest buyers of adult products on the planet,” Knecht said, “The HydroDouche and Power Ring sales have been really strong prior to the show, but now due to the show sales are set to rocket.”

The HydroDouche is made using medical-grade material to ensure safe, hygienic use. According to the company, the device “puts the user in control” with a gravity fed system that prevents spikes in pressure or temperature. 

The HydroDouche features a nine-inch flexible silicone tube and comfort ball tip with ergonomically designed water spouts for deep, thorough cleaning. A hygienic wand holder is also included to keep the nozzle way from contaminates.

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