RabbitsReviews Gets Major Upgrade

Stephen Yagielowicz

MONTREAL — RabbitsReviews.com is donning #FreshFur, morphing into a fully responsive site under the watchful eye of its new mascot and logo.

According to the company, RabbitsReviews serves porn site reviews to two million readers every month, featuring some 7,000 unbiased adult paysite reviews, and employs close to 20 full-time staff members at its Montreal office.

The site’s latest changes are designed to boost profitability for the company’s advertising partners, while boosting the user experience for consumers. This update is the third time that the site has been completely overhauled since 2003, but it is the first time the face of the famous rabbit has changed.

According to RabbitsReviews owner Mantas M., the site’s latest incarnation was driven by user demand, and marks a new era for the company, where mobile is at the fore and ease of access to information is paramount.

“A year ago we launched a mobile friendly version of RabbitsReviews,” said Mantas. “It was a quick and dirty solution while our developers were busy with other projects [but] as our traffic patterns and user expectations evolved, there was more of a sense of urgency to fully overhaul the site.”

Mantas says that RabbitsReviews has had three programmers working on the upgrade project since it started in March. According to the company’s lead programmer, Charles, the biggest hurdle they had to overcome was in mapping out the site’s existing functionality.

“The site’s a monster,” said Charles. “The most interesting thing about the new redesign are the cards. They not only allow users to customize their viewing experience, but, based on automated feedback, we’ll be able to change and optimize the layout automatically.”

This ability to optimize layouts means that advertising partners can expect their earnings to grow, with the site now partnering with more than 100 sponsors to monetize their members’ areas and provide a unique tool with the ability to filter traffic across thousands of different offers.

The changes to the site were not all technical, however.

“As much as I love our original logo, it no longer fit with today’s design standards,” said Mantas, speaking about replacing the iconic rabbit. “We went for something flat, two dimensional and less playful, but a look that nevertheless preserved the original feel of a perverted rabbit.”

The site has also overhauled its blog platform to focus on creating content that attracts traffic from across social media platforms.

The upgrades are now live on the site and paysites that are not listed are invited to submit for a review, while sponsors that are looking to monetize their existing members’ area traffic can make use of this lucrative traffic source.

For more information visit RabbitsReviews.com.