Nikki Phoenix Receives XBIZ Crossover Star Nom

LAS VEGAS — Adult performer Nikki Phoenix received a nomination for Crossover Star of the Year for the 2015 XBIZ Awards on Jan. 15.

Phoenix and DJ/producer Jackel have begun working on their Trap remix of "Ballroom Zombies." Jackel, a producer and DJ originally from Canada, plays regular dates in Vegas and has recently toured South Korea, Japan and America. In addition, he has collaborated with well-known artists such as Three Six Mafia, Lil Jon, Whiz Khalifa and Dizzy Wright.

"I met Nikki in Vegas after we had both been following each other on Twitter for some time," Jackel said. "She and I really clicked from a musical perspective, and I really loved the song and lyrics to 'Ballroom Zombies.' After playing it in the studio with her, I thought to myself, it would be really, really great to make a Trap remix of this song.

"The Trap genre, being a little more down tempo, really lends itself to the lyrics and feel of the song, and we both thought it would make for an amazing approach to a remix. I also was really impressed with what her management team had accomplished for her, and some of the ideas that they had in mind for collaborative projects, so I'm really looking forward to releasing this track, and sharing this with everyone on dance floors!"

Phoenix, who recently completed her first fitness book "Fit As Phoenix," also wrote an article this month for Sex and Sexuality website, SimplySxy is the leading sexuality platform, whose mission is the expansion of sexuality knowledge and promotion of sex positivity.

"I knew when they reached out to me that I wanted to write an article for them," Phoenix said. "One of the things I'm most passionate about is a sex-positive and woman-positive outlook toward sexuality, something that sits prominently in their mission statement. I couldn't wait to get started and I decided to write an article about one of my personal passions, anal sex.

"I've noticed from alot of my girlfriends and women I have talked to that many times, they have a bad experience early on, and that sours them on the whole experience. That's such a terrible thing because there's soooo much pleasure to be had by having anal sex, if you do it right."

The article, entitled "Anal Sex...... How To Make Your Partner Try It Again With You" features tips and tricks for women including: how to clean, stretch, feel comfortable, and position themselves, and men including: how to approach the subject, how to make sure their partner enjoys herself, and how to make sure their partner will want to do it again with them.