Photo Essay Depicts Men Who Are in Love With Sex Dolls

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — posted a highly unique photo essay titled, “I’m in Love With a Sex Doll.”

While the mainstream media has become increasingly wont to cover the popularity of realistic sex dolls for their sexual purposes, Vocativ’s photos highlight men who feel a deeper bond with their silicone mates.

The first slide introduces Carl, 56, who bought Alektra (a silicone copy of porn star Alektra Blue) after divorcing his wife and dating women unsuccesfully for many years.

Even though Alektra proudly sports a Wicked RealDoll tank top, Carl and her do not have a sexual relationship and he does not see her as his girlfriend.

Many of the other men in the essay remain anonymous in face and name, including “Shadowman,” “Baron von Doll” and “Nescio50,” due to the fact that the doll community often experiences negative reactions from mainstream society.

A particularly poignant photo shows Shadowman embracing his doll, Carly, in his underwear. He has a girlfriend and two adult daughters, who are aware of Carly and Shadowman’s four other dolls.

“Most doll owners use them as sex toys to satisfy their erotic fantasies, but some also use their latex companions as art and photographic objects. A select 10 percent see their dolls as actual spouses, moving them around the house as the day goes by,” author Benita Marcussen writes.

“These are the men featured here — men who care about their dolls and treat them with respect like beloved material possessions, dear friends or even partners. Many of them harbor deep concerns about how society would perceive them if their love were to go public. They fear that their relationship with fake women might destroy their chances of meeting real ones.”

To check out the photo essay in its entirety, click here